Strategic Engineering Degree

STRATEGOS in Genoa University represents a New Engineering Model with a specific Program to create Engineers skilled in creating solutions based on most innovative technologies for addressing Strategic Issues. Indeed, STRATEGOS is promoted by DITEN Department of Genoa University in cooperation with several Professors and Scientists operating in multi sectors and in strong liason with multiple Laboratories and Research Team; the goal is to create a new International MSc Degree (Laurea Magistrale dell'Universita' di Genova) devoted to prepare a new generation of Engineers further reinforcing International Cooperation with International Universities, Institutions, Agencies, Research Centers and Leading Industries. In facts, Integrating Strategic Analysis, Modeling, Management and ICT Technologies is a well-known need for the contemporary world, which is being addressed by some new valuable Master Programs on Strategy, and management of business and technology. These aspects, initially born in the business management area, are now offered also in Engineering Master and Master Sciences. Some of these new programs are offered in Europe, and represent an innovative connection between business/production and Academia, especially on scientific and technological innovation and transfer. In this scenario, the MSc course (Laurea Magistrale in Italy, 2 years) proposed by the University of Genoa intends to bring a strong novelty (product/system strategy, based on ICT, Modeling and Simulation and Engineering), and we expect that this should be able to attract students from worldwide interested in this subject considering the prestigious of the Genoa University (established in 1471 AD and ranking among best Universities), the quality of the Faculty and International Relationship with International Leading Industries and Top Quality Research Centers and Institutions.

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