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Simulation Team


Simulation Team is an Excellence Network on Modeling and Simulation operating worldwide and involving Top Institutions and Entities in the Sector of M&S.

M&S (Modeling and Simulation) is a Strategic Science devoted to re-create and execute the reality by using models to support experimentation, design, engineering, training, capacity assessment, ect. So M&S represents the set of activities' of planning, design, development, implementation, verification, validation and accreditation of Models and Simulators and it is assumed to consider mainly M&S working on Computer Systems and Cloud Solutions.

Simulation Team aims to promote R&D of Innovative Solutions in the field of Modeling & Simulation and to develop Techniques, Methodologies, Integrated Systems operating in this Area. Simulation Team supports the promotion of Technical and Scientific Events and dissemination of Initiatives for M&S. Modeling is the creation of Conceptual Representations of Real Systems using models that allow the study and reproduction through the development of Simulators (i.e. for example by programming languages on computers). We define Simulation as the reproduction of Reality 'through the use of Models, usually operating on Computers; Simulation allows you to build "virtual" environments on which to reproduce the evolution of the Model of the Real System under specific consideration, boundary conditions, going to define Scenarios and Targeted Experiments.

Simulation has many different Natures and Pardigms, and there are many definitions for the different types. In scientific world main two categories have been for long time Continuous and Discrete Simulation and new Paradigms such as MS2G (Modeling, interoperable Simulation & Serious Games), MSaaS (Modeling & Simulation as a Service), interoperable, Hardware in the Loop, Software in the Loop, Man in the Loop, etc. In addition a classification methodology, used mostly in defense, is based on the split of simulations into three main categories: Live, Virtual and Constructive and on their combinations (e.g. LVC). In this framework the synthetic definitions commonly used are following. We define as Live Simulation the case in which real people are working on real systems (within a simulated context). Vice versa, the Virtual Simulation is the case in which real people operate virtual systems. Finally Constructive Simulation is defined as the case in which people are simulated by agents operating on virtual systems.

Simulation Team aims to promote:
  • Development and use of Modelling & Simulation Solutions and Tools
  • Diffusion and Adoption of Code of Ethics on Modeling and Simulation
  • Innovative solutions in the areas of Simulation Virtual, and Constructive Live and/or combined
  • Creation of Interoperable Systems that integrate Modelling & Simulation with different solutions
  • Collaborations with other Entities, Organizations, Institutions, Societies, both Public and Private, Individual Professionals, in order to achieve common objectives and programs
  • Join Worldwide Projects and Activities related to M&S
  • Organization of Courses, Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Workshops, etc. in the field of Modeling & Simulation, on its own or in collaboration with other Entities, Organizations, public or private Institutions, Individual Professionals
  • Opportunities for updating and advancing M&S by Supervision, Training and Demonstration as well as by support Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Courses
  • Development of Partnerships and Federations with Entities, Organizations and Institutions driven by similar goals and objectives

Simulation Team at Work: Mobile Interoperable HLA Simulator in a Container Shelter
November, 2019

Campus Interviews

Virtual Hall

Simulation Team worked to promote effectively the 1 Year 1 Day Meeting in Genoa on November 25th; over 42 Industries participated actively to the Campus Interviews by using the Virtal Hall developed by Simulation Team

February 2019

and M&S

A classical sector of application for Simulation is Logistics; new technologies and methodologies are further improving the potential in this sector also for addressing problems at Strategic Level.

March, 2019


M&S allows to populate Virtual Immersive Interactive and Interoperable Worlds with models and to interact with real and virtual systems to investigate complex systems.

March, 2019

Reality and Simulation

The use of Augmented Reality in combination with Modeling and Simulation opens to new possibilities; major advanced are expected in training, remote support, supervision & operations.

December, 2018

& Serious Games

Simulation is the core of developing new Games as well as Serious Games devoted to educate and train people. Virtual Rooming is today popping up new ideas and opportunities. We expect a larger diffusion in the public communities of M&S by these solutions.

June, 2018


STRATEGOS is the new International MSc in Engineering Technology for Strategy and Security at Genoa University and is based on combining M&S, AI/IA and Data Analytics for Decision Makers. STRATEGOS is promoted by major industries such as Accenture, Leonardo, Hitachi, etc.

March, 2019

for Old Economy

Old Economy is often pretty active and fundamental for and within Emerging Countries. M&S provides great advantages in this sector too; recently Simulation Team developed models to investigate use of new Autonomous Systems within Industrial Plants. This project is developed in synergy with MIPET Initiative promoted and sponsored by major Multinational Companies.

January 2019

as New Blood

Simulation allows to create virtual worlds to simulate not only reality, but even futur projects. Due to these reason is fundamental to engage young people. We need scientists and engineers and other talented students to get the beneftis of modern Simulation in the Society. Due to these reasons, Simulation Team promotes new Educational Programs and Initiatives such as STRATEGOS