Strategic Engineering International PhD Program

The International PhD Program in Strategic Engineering represents a New PhD with a specific Program to create experts skilled in creating solutions based on most innovative methodologies related to Strategic Engineering. Indeed, The International PhD Program in Strategic Engineering is promoted by DIEC Department of Genoa University in cooperation with several International Universities, Professors and Scientists operating in multi sectors and in strong liason with multiple Laboratories and Research Teams. The aim is to create a New International PhD Program involving top quality Universities focused on the new discipline called Strategic Engineering and to develop strong Synergies with the NATO M&S Center of Excellence (MSCOE) and other Leading Agencies and Excellence Centers that are interested to benefits of the related Researches, Developments, Capabilities, Skills and People.

PhD in Strategic Engineering We need young and brillant Engineers and Scientists... may be we need you.

We activated the International PhD Program in Strategic Engineering and we have an open call up to the 15th of June for three positions (3) just at Genoa University, for top Engineers and Scientists interested to investigate this new Discipline.

Strategic Engineering combines Modeling, Simulation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in closed loop with Big Data to support Decision Making and addresses Strategies, Security within Complex Systems affected by VUCA ( Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

The program is in English and we look for people able to deal with Complex Systems, Modeling, Simulation, AI.
Currently the PhD is coordinated by Economics, but it is really trans-disciplinary with a very strong relationship with Engineering, jointly developed among all major Schools including Polytechnic, Economics, International Affairs, Law & Medical Schools.

We need Strategic Engineering for our Society and we are looking for you!

Please consider to apply and check the call using following links:
  • Strategic Engineering PhD, Call for Applications, November 11 ( Official Call, Strategic Engineering Call, Page 59-60 )
  • Link to Unige web site for PhD applications, please select PhD in Strategic Engineering (coordinated by Economics jointly with Engineering and all Schools)
  • Link to Apply (you need to create your Genoa University Account and it takes few minutes)

  • The International PhD Program is tailorable by each University as following:
  • Strategic Engineering International PhD Program of Genoa University

  • 1st Open Call 2023 To Be Finalized, DEADLINE: May, - To be OPEN Soon - several Positions, Review Results and Interview Call

    Past Calls
    1st Open Call 2022, DEADLINE: May 30, 12 PM CET - OPEN - 4 Positions, Review Results and Interview Call" - Closed
    2nd Open Call 2021, DEADLINE: November 11, 12 PM CET - CLOSED - 2 Positions, Closed
    1st Internal Call 2021, DEADLINE: September, 12 PM CET - CLOSED, 2 Positions for Internal Employers of Partner Companies (L.Bucchianica, P.F.Monaci)
    1st Call 2021, DEADLINE: June 15, 12 PM CET - CLOSED 3 Open Positions, Results

    Please contact for further information.
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