1 Year of Interviews in 1 Day

Workshop Young Engineers and Industries: Company Survey

Survey for Companies
Workshop Young Engineers and Industries: Company Survey
Your personal data are used just for keeping in touch for future event, the Questionnaire Answers about satisfaction level are anonymous
Point of Contact and Company






How do you evaluate the Average Level of the Interviews: Poor / Low / "Good / Excellent
Do you Identify People with Good Potential during the Interviews: No / 5%-10% / 10%-20% / 20%-30% / 30%-40% / 40%-50% / 50-70% / 80-100%
How Many People are you looking for the near future: None / Don't know / Potentially 1 / Potentially 3 / Potentially 4 to 10 / More than 10
Do You expect to Hire somebody involved in these interview: No / Low Probability / Very High Probability
Do You Feel this Workshop was Useful for You and Your Company: No / A little bit / A Lot / For Sure and I would like to participate to future events

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