September 26-29, 2017, Florence, Italy - Simulation Team co-organizes WAMS with CAX Forum operating in cooperation with NATO M&S Center of Excellence

September 18-20, 2017, Barcelona, Spain - Simulation Team supports the organization of I3M, HMS, MAS, IMAACA, DHSS, I WISH, SESDE and FoodOPS in Cataluna

July 9-12, 2017, Seattle, USA - The MALICIA Simulator for Maritime Interdiction is presented during Summersim

March 20, 2017, Rome, Italy - SISOM Workshop allows to demonstrate Simulation Team Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions to improve Safety in Industry


November, 2016, Cagliari, Italy - Simulation Team demonstrate Mobile Simulators during WAMS and organize a Workshop on Distater & Emergency Management Modeling

September 26-28, 2016, Larnaca, Cyprus - I3M provides an opportunity to promote the new Mixed Reality Solutions developed by Simulation Team

Septmber 19-22, 2016, Oulu, Finland - Simulation Team presents innovative MS2G solutions devoted to address Mission Critical scenarios in Aerospace during Eurosim 2016

September 2-4, 2016, Gaborone, Botswana - Simulation Team promotes IASTED Conferences in Africa: AfricaMS

July 29-31, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal -  Simulation Team promotes Simultech in Portugal

May 2016, La Spezia, Italy - SPIDER, SIMCJOH and JESSI presented in Simulation Team at Sea Future 2016

May 2016, Delft, NL - Simulation Team scientist invited as International Committee member at TU Delft for a PhD Defense: focus on Simulation for Epidemic

May 2016, London, UK - Simulation Team scientists visit ITEC presenting Simulation for Supporting Decision Makers

March 2016, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team organizes an interactive demonstration of SIMCJOH VIS & VIC in Italian Joint Force Command COI

April 2016, Pasadena, CA, USA - Simulation Team presents interoperable simulation on drones to be applied for Space Exploration

February 2016, Paris, France - Simulation Team presents innovative solutions at CSFEE in the French Ecole de Guerre

February, 2016, Leghorn & Savona, Italy - Elysium Project Experience organized at Classical Lyceum in Savona and Scientific Lyceum in Leghorn introducing M&S in High Schools

January 28, 2016, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team organizes a major demonstration of innovative simulators including SIMCJOH at NATO M&S COE


December 2015, Genoa/Cagliari/Cosenza, Italy - Simulation Team R&D projects are celebrated within the Laboratories in Cagliari, Cosenza and Genoa

December 2015, Savona, Italy - Simulation Team demonstrates innovative HLA Simulators for Transportations

October 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team present innovative elements in the SPIDER: the new Mobile Interactive CAVE applied to USV Distributed Interoperable Simulation

December 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team celebrates its support to MIPET 6th Edition along the entire year

October 2015, La Spezia, Italy - It is celebrated the Cooperation agreement between Simulation Team Genoa University and NATO - Science and Technology Organization - Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation

December 2015, Orlando & Cape Canaveral, FL, USA - Simulation Team scientist attend NATO M&S Group meeting on Human Behavior Modeling in Research Parkway and visit KSC Facilities

December 1-2, 2015, London, UK - Simualation Team proposes innovative use of M&S during UAS for addressing complex scenarios with UAV, USV, AUV and UGV

November 30-December 2, 2015, Orlando, FL, USA - Simulation Team present in NASA booth at I/ITSEC

November 23, 2015, Genoa, Italy - 1 Year of Interviews within 1 Single Day: Simulation Team sponsorizes the meeting with over 20 Industries and young Engineers

November, 2015, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team scientists present comparative approaches for VV&A in NATO Standards Meeting at M&S COE

November, 2015, Paris, France - Simulation Team stands side by side with Paris: Nous Somme Paris! Vive la Liberté! Vive la France! Vive Paris!

September 29-October 2, 2015, Vicenza, Italy, - Simulation Team demonstrates Cyberwarfare Interoperable simulation at CAX Forum federated in HLA with constructive and virtual simulators

September 21-23, 2015, Bergeggi, Italy, - Simulation Team presents innovative solutions at I3M2015

September 2015, Savona Campus, Italy - Meeting between Simulation Team and US Army Research Lab and SIMCJOH Demonstration for cooperations

September 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team demonstrates the SPIDER: a new Mobile Interactive CAVE for Distributed Interoperable M&S

July, 2015, Newport, RI - Simulation Team scientist presents his HLA Simulation named JESSI at NAVSEA

July, 2015, Chicago, IL - Participation of Simulation Team at Summer Computer Simulation Conference

July, 2015, Chicago, IL - Simulation Team scientists presents innovative simulators at Summersim

June 9-11, 2015, Madrid, Spain - Simulation Team scientist present anti terrorism simulation at C-IED Workshop

May 12, 2015, Rome, Italy - SIMCJOH Project demonstrated as innovative Multi Coalition Training Systems for Commanders

May 2-9, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey - Simulation Team supports two teams in ICAMES 2015

April  2015, Cosenza, Italy - DIEM-SSP Meeting for developing innovative virtual simulation for protecting Critical Infrastructures

April 2015, Prague, Czech Republic - Simulation Team presents innovative simulation of multi domain autonomous system collaboration during MESAS at ITEC2015

April 2015, Alexandria, VA - Simulation Team simulators federated remotely in SEE, Simulation Exploratory Experience under NASA Coordination

April 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team scientists in the Committee for PhD students defenses in DIMS

April 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team participates to MIPET 6th Edition Opening in Confindustria

April 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team recruits young engineering during Campus Interviews with other major Institutions and Industries

January 2015, Cosenza, Italy - Simulation Team demonstrating Simulators for First Responders at Industrial Disasters for DIEM-SSP

January 2015, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team at the Degrees Ceremony of the 5th Edition of MIPET



December 2014, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team supports the International Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies of Genoa University

December 2014, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team at the Meeting Industries and Young Engineers

November 2014, Rome, Italy - Organization Experiences and Exercises on innovative simulators for the NATO M&S Course at M&S COE

October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic - Invited Speech on Autonomous Systems in Future Forces by Czech Rep.MoD

September 2014, Istanbul, Turkey - Simulation Team will organize WAMS in co-location with NATO CAX Forum

September 2014, Bordeaux, France - Simulation Team will organize I3M2014, EMSS, HMS, MAS, IMAACA, DHSS, I WISH and SESDE in France

March 2014, Savona, Italy - Smart Energy Team presents innovative solutions in Savona Campus to Industries in partnership with Siemens and other major companies in Power and Energy Sector

March 2014, Genova, Italy- Simulation Team demonstrates innovative modules for drone simulation in ST Virtual Marine Module (Real Time Distributed HLA Interoperable Simulator) in the Genoa University Campus

February 2014, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Simulation Team presents new ST-VM Virtual Marine and other innovative solutions with partners

January 2014, Genova, Italy - Simulation Team involved in Closing Ceremony of MIPET-4th, the 4th Edition of International Mastrer in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies organized by Genoa University with ABB, Danieli CC, Fisia Italimpianti, gruppo Impregilo, Paul Wurth, Prisma Impianti and Tenova; several other companies were involved in providing internship opportunity to the international class



December 2013, Savona, Italy - Simulation Team organize an simulation day on "Friday 13: Facing Project Management Challenges without any Fear When the goin' gets tough... the Tough get goin'", NATO STO CMRE, COMAU, Fincantieri, Danieli CC, MS PM ST involved in this initiative

December 2013, Savona, Italy - Pucciano working in Simulation Team with a project on Innovative Plant solution for Ford is awarded as best Engineering Thesis from Savona Campus; along the last year he already accumulated experience in Ford Motor and Fiat/Chrysler in USA and Europe and now he is recently moving to McKinsey

November 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina - WAMS will organized based on a cooperation involving Simulation Team, DIME Genoa UNiversity, LSIS and MSC-LES and Local Universities in Argentina and Brazil

November 24-27, 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Simulation Team organization of WAMS2013


October 22, Genoa, Italy, Simulation Team support the Meeting "Industries meet with Young Engineers" as reported in Pictures

October 9-11, La Spezia, Italy, Simulation Team supports the organization of NATO Modeling and Simulation Group MSG-130 and Special Session MOIRE focused on Marine Domain Application for M&S and Serious Games

October 1, Rome, Italy, During NATO CAX Forum Simulation Team organizes the SIMCJOH meetings and a Joint Demonstration with Genoa University on potential for New Generation Serious Games in collaboration with Sim4Future

September 30 October 4, Rome, Italy, During NATO CAX Forum Simulation Team organized a special demonstration of Serious Games potential in CFI (Connected Forces Initiative)

September 2013, Athens, Greece - Finalized the location for I3M2013 at Athens with strong support by Simulation Team and organize a SEE2013 special session and a SIMCJOH (Simulation of Multi Coalition Joint Operations involving Human Modeling) Technical Meeting

September, 2013, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team participate actively in MIPET Operative Module 5.1: R&D, Innovative Technologies, Techniques and Methodologies for Industrial Plants

September 10, 2013, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team Experts are involved in Industrial Plant Service within the Genoa University in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies (MIPET)


August, 2013 Savona, Italy  - Simulation Team Virtual Prototyping New Configuration for ST_VP


July 29-31, 2013 Reykjavík, Iceland - Simulation Team provides scientific support to Simultech; a paper from Simulation Team on on Intelligent Agents and Simulation for Simulating Population Behavioris awarded as Best Paper

Marina Massei in Iceland for SimulTech SimulTech was Scientifically co-sponsored by Simulation Team Simulation Team in Simultech 2013, Reykjavík, Iceland, 29-31 July


July 7-10, 2013, Toronto ON, Canada -   SummerSim conference in Toronto is attended by a large delegation of Simulation Team presenting innovative researches on Serious Games and Industrial Simulation


June 2013, Genoa, Italy - OSN Global visit Simulation Team University of Genoa

June 21 2013, Simulation Team proposes innovative solutions for Service and Risks in Industrial Plants during MIPET


April 19, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in the 4th Edition of MIPET Master Program Opening in Confindustria (National Industry Association) organized by MIPET, Polytechnic School Genoa University and Sponsor Industries

April 12, Genoa, Italy - The Genoa University PhD Program (DIMS, Doctorship in Interoperable Mathematical Modeling and Simulation) provided the opportunity to present innovative PhD Thesis; Francesca Madeo defended her researches on Human Behavior Modeling for special operations (i.e. CIMIC and PSYOPS) that contributed to the success of CAPRICORN Project

SpaceGuard successfull intercepted the Asteroid directed on the Moon Base and deviated it to a safe trajectory Simulation Team with NASA Coordinator of Smackdown Initiative for HLA Evolved

April 6-10, San Diego, USA - Students from Simulation Team developed two Federates for HLA Simulation Competition within Smackdown Initiative; this 3rd Edition of the Event was coordinated by NASA and attended by teams from France (IMS), Italy (Genoa University), UK (Brunel University), USA (Huntsville University, MIT, Nebraska University, Penn State); the two Simulation Team Projects was related to simulate Supply Depot Operations for Moon Base Logistics and to a Safeguard Solution for protecting the Moonbase from Asteroid by using Interceptors; the federation was developed based on HLA Evolved and tested both by Pitch and Mak RTI; the Simulation Team was awarded as best team for coordination and obtained 1 year of free license from Pitch and from Aegis Technologies. Springer awarded all team with up-to-date books on M&S from major international scientists.

April 6-10, San Diego, USA - Simulation Team participated to Spring Sim and SISO SIW presenting innovative solution for Modeling Chemical Plants and Packaging Departments; several participants from different entities including DIME University of Genoa, IMS University of Bordeaux, Mast srl and Sim4Future

March, Savona, Italy - Thesis Presentation in Management Engineering: Marco Pucciano completed his Thesis in cooperation with MAST and Ford Motor Company presenting innovative Algorithms for Car Sequencing based on Simulation, by the way the solution is currently operative on Production Sites in Far East - Danila Carini was completing his stage in Simulation Team on Simulation for Risk Analysis in Project Management involving Defense programs affected by critical R&D Component - Both Students obtained 110/110 cum Laude

March 26, Genoa, Italy - Industries meet Young Engineers and Engineering Students in Genoa University: 16 companies involved in this initiative coordinated by Genoa University Polytechnic School and Simulation Team including ABB, Danieli CC, Fisia Italimpianti Gruppo Impregilo,  Paul Wurth, Prisma Impianti, Tenova, APM Terminals, Bombardier, FIP, Piaggio Aero, Foster Wheeler, MAST, Capgemini, Comau, ToolsGroup and Projenia RINA Group

March 10-16, Norfolk and Boston, USA - Simulation Team Representative is visiting Simulation Centers and Institutions on US East Coast

March 5, Brescia, Italy - Simulation Team participates to Innovative Presentation on Using M&S for Complex Industrial Systems and Supply Chain Chaired by Prof.Zavanella in relation to Brescia University PhD Programs

February 14-16, Athens, Greece - Simulation Team works for finalizing I3M2013

Febuary 7, Calabria, Italy - MSC-LES University of Calabria organizes a Workshop with Industries and Institutions on Sea and Simulation

January 15, Brazil, India & Italy - Simulation Team representatives serve as member of the International Scientific Committee evaluating Students of MIPET using  video conferences over three continents

January 10-11, Cagliari, Italy - Simulation Team conduct test on Biomedical Devices for Interoperable Simulation and Training Equipment within Marine Domain

December 3-6, Orlando, USA - Simulation Team Participation in  I/ITSEC with Prof.Agostino Bruzzone, MITIM DIME University of Genoa,  Margherita Dallorto & Angelo Ferrando, MAST srl

November 15, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team representatives are supervising the first group of students presenting their Thesis in MIPET Master Program
November 12-14, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team organize lectures and exercises during 1st NATO M&S Basic Course at M&S COE

October 23-25, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team organize a meeting with Rome Capital, NCI Agency and AFCEA in Campidoglio
October 23-24, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team complete the
CAPRICORN Project with full success and demonstrates the advances of CAPRICORN Demo
October 3-5, Chiavari, Italy - SILENI initiatives starts with support of Simulation Team at Stelmilit Chiavari: M&S Basic and Regular Courses
October 9-11, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team representatives actively involved in Virtual Industry Panel during MIMOS Decennale 

September 30-October 4, Newquay, UK - Simulation Team actively involved in NATO ARRC Execise in UK for studying the potential of Serious Games
September 24-26, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team is one of the organizer of the joint event WAMS and CAX Forum in Rome
September 2012, Rome, Italy - WAMS and CAX Forum organized together based on a cooperation involving Simulation Team MISS DIPTEM Genoa and M&S COE

September 19-21, Vienna, Austria - Simulation Team successfully organized the I3M2012 in Wien
September 2012, Wien, Austria - Finalized the location for I3M2012, the event was be held in Wien with strong support by Simulation Team

August 3-5, Gaborone, Botswana - Simulation Team meets with Botswana University and play key role as invited speaker durin Africa MS 2012

July 10, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team is looking for new Researchers, position available in Genoa Area, for further info please click here
July 11, Genoa, Italy - Italian Experimentation of CAPRICORN Simulation
July 8-11, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in Summersim2012
July 3, Genoa, Italy - MIPET Essay presented before Internships
July 2012, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in Summersim2012 organization to be held in Genoa, July 2012

June 25-27, Naples, Italy - SImulation Team co-sponsors the IASTED ASM 2012
June 22-27, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team attend to the NATO CAX Operator Course & organize a CAPRICORN Technical Meeting
June 14, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team presents new Serious Games for Safety in Construction for being tested by MIPET Class
June 14, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team cooperates in the meeting among Faculty of Engineering, Industries and Young Engineers
June 8, Savona, Italy - Simulation Team organizes Logistics Day in Savona Campus with Crai & Logista
June 5, Marseille, France - Simulation Team attend to a PhD Defense related to R&D in Simulation
June 2012, Naples,  Italy - Prof.Bruzzone nominated Chair of Applied Simulation and Modelling 2012, June 25-27, 2012 Naples 

May 29, Kuta and Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and Malaysia - Invited speech by Simulation Team at AMS2012
May 20-26, Sidney, Australia - Simulation Team visit into Charles Sturt University and CeBIT, Australia
May 16-18, Wroklaw, Poland - Simulation Team visit the Wroklaw University of Technology
May 7-11, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in carrying out the MIPET Project Management Operative Module

April 16-18, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team at Genoa University hosts the MSG113 Genoa Workshop organized by NATO RTO on "Exploiting Commercial Games and Technology for Use in NATO" for discussing on Serious Games
March 28, Orlando, USA - Simulation Team receive two Awards in Smackdown 2012; Simulation Team Federates IPHITOS and SPIRALS were integrated in HLA Moon Base Federation and demostrated excellence in this educational initiative lead by NASA in term of Interoperability and Standards
March 26-29, Orlando, USA - Simulation Team participated on Springsim presenting Straddle Carrier Simulator integrated in HLA Federation and innovative solution for logistics applications; Simulation Team Members attended the event celebrating 60 Years of SCS (The Society for Modeling & Simulation International)
March 26-29, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team involved in NRCC as Observer in NATO Defense College with M&S COE for Serious Game R&D Project
March 23, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team organized BABEL Experience related to Project Management, Engineering & Construction Education for MIPET Master Program of Genoa University
March 5-6, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in a EXPLOSAD Experience related to apply Safety Engineering and Industrial Plants for MIPET Master Program of Genoa University
March 5-6, Genoa & Savona, Italy - Simulation Team involved in a Specific Module related to Industrial Plant Simulation for MIPET Master Program of Genoa University
February 24, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team supports the organization of a workshop on "Industrial Plant Business Sector Meets with Young Engineers & Engineering Students"
February 22, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team Organized the CAPRICORN User Meeting in CEFLI testing CAPRICORN Interface
February 17, Wien, Austria - Prof.Bruzzone, by Simulation Team, involved in presenting Innovation in Industry through Simulation at MathMod
January 25, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team involved in Opening the Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies
January 18, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team Organized the Meeting of CAPRICORN Champions in NATO M&S Center of Excellence for Scenario Testing
January 16-20, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team involved in NMDX as Observer in NATO DC with M&S COE and NATO ACT for Serious Game R&D Project

Liophant & Simulation Team Season's Greetings


December 14, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team Organized the Meeting of CAPRICORN Champions and Public Integration Test
December 6, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team presented at IA-CGF NCF MIAC & MIAC Configurator at Cooperation Day organized by Selex SI
December 6, Civitavecchia, Italy - Simulation Team and Selex-Elsag demonstrated IA-CGF Federation including IA-CGF C4 IT and SC over a South Asia Scenario to test different C2 Maturity Models in Urban Asymmetric Warfare at CESIVA
December 2, Cape Canaveral, USA - Simulation Team and M&S COE at Simulation Lab KSC NASA

November 28-December 1, Orlando, USA - Researcers from Simulation Team attended to I/ITSEC, SimSummit and NATO Meetings
November 16, Genoa, Italy - Simulation Team Activities presented at Eucem, the Conference of the largest European multidisciplinary Association in University Lifelong Learning.
November 4, Savona, Italy - Simulation Team organizes a Meeting Day on "Logistics & Transportation in a 2 Speed World: Challenges and Opportunities for Companies and New Graduates" involving experts from Oil & Gas, Aerospace Industries and Logistics Operators.
November 1-3, Savona, Italy - Simulation Team hosts the meeting of NATO Group HMF-165/RTG Improving Human Effectiveness through Embedded Training and organizes a visit to Simulation Labs

October 28, Savona, Italy - Prof.Khalid Mekouar and Prof.Btissam Lebbar visited Simulation Team Labs in Savona for finalizing a cooperation agreement between ESISA and Simulation Team
October 26, Farnborough, UK - Prof. Bruzzone is invited to present SIBILLA and Simulation Team Serious Games to NATO MSG108 "Present and Future Technology to Support Education, Training & Exercises"
October, Genoa, Italy - Selection and Promotion for MIPET Initiative
October 4, Rome, Italy - PREMITEL: Prof.Bruzzone participates to the Closure Ceremony in Rome involving the Under Secretary of Infrastructure and Transportation National Dept., the Albo tAutotrasporto, as well as major Italian Universities: University of Genoa, Bologna, Naples Federico II, Rome La Sapienza, Salerno, Trieste and Liuc.

September 27-30, Savona, Italy - SIREN Course for M&S Center of Excellence on Interopeable Simulation, HLA, M&S and PM for M&S in Simulation Team Labs
September 22, Genoa, Italy - Prof.Bossomaier and Prof.Bruzzone meeting in Genoa for finalizing new projects in Food Security, South Asia Scenarios, Piracy and Large Scale Multidisciplinary Models
September 13, Rome, Italy - Demonstrated Smackdown Federation running distributely between I3M Conference Site (Ergife Palace Hotel), NASA Houston involving MIT, Genoa University, Huntsville University and Bordeaux Univ.
September 12-15 Rome, Italy - In occasion of DHSS Conferences the Professional Siren Courses and MISS Simulation Certification are presented
September 12, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team presented as a main organizer of I3M / CAX Forum in Rome, over 500 speakers from 52 countries
September 12-14 - I3M, HMS, MAS, EMSS, IMAACA, DHSS Simulation Conferences will be organized in Rome, Italy in co-location with NATO CAX Forum

August, Genoa, Italy - Prof.Antonin Kavicka is visiting professor in Simulation Team Genoa University Labs


July, Noordwijkerhout, NL - Simultech2011 invites as Keynote Speaker Prof.Agostino Bruzzone
July, Shanghai, China - Simulation Team Presenting Mobile Simulation Solution at ICNC & FSKD Fuzzy Systems & Knowledge Discovery
July, Civitavecchia, Italy - Simulation Team executed at CESIVA the Federation CGF C4 IT integrating a Intelligent Agents, Constructive Entities Level Simulation and Communication Network Simulator for analyzing different maturity level of C2 within Coalition Forces, Local Army and Local Police on a Scenario related to an Urban South Asia Town (unclassified)

July, Rome, Italy - Simulation Team discussing CAPRICORN Advances with MoD experts in M&S COE


June, Military Simulation & Training Magazine presents the IA-CGF (Intelligent Agent Computer Generated Forces) as an opportunity to "Add Smarts to the Mix"
June, St.Petersburg, Russia - Simulation Team participate in the International Conference Simulation and Complex Modelling in Marine Engineering and Marine Transporting Systems – SCM MEMTS 2011 takes place on June, 29th, 2011 within the limits of International Maritime Defence Show – IMDS-2011

June, Genoa, Italy - Visit of Wroclaw University of Technology in Simulation Team Labs in Genoa & Savona

June, Genoa, Italy - System of Systems Workshop, Siren at DIPTEM

June, Sorrento, Italy  - IA-CGF presented at IS AHP Conference

June, Istanbul, Turkey - Prof.Bruzzone visiting Turkish Naval Academy in Tulsa, Turkey

June, Genoa, Italy - Meeting Presenting the evolution of Industrial Plants, Engineering & Technologies Joint initiative among Genoa University and several Company leading International this sectors as well as the new edition of MIPET Master Program


May, Manila,Philippines - Successful organization of Asian Modelling Symposium in Joint Cooperation with UKSim and University of Philippines

May, Singapore - Meetings for Promoting M&S in the area and new initiatives in Supply Chain Management

May, Rome, Italy - Meeting with Military Experts on CAPRICORN Project in Italian Army HQs

May, Genoa, Italy - A Special Report on Simulation Team is delivered on Regional TV News

April, Savona, Italy - CAPRICORN Meeting presenting Specification for Simulation applied to Operational Planning with special attention to CIMIC and PSYOPS
April, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Cooperation Simulation Team MISS DIPTEM, GRVA LAMCE COPPE UFRJ, Etea Sicurezza, Virtuality
April, Boston, MA - Simulation Team in Springsim & Smackdown
April, Pardubice, Czech Rep.- Simulation Team presents Distributed Interoperable Simulation at University of Pardubice

February, Cosenza, Italy - Simulation Team MSC-LES at Cal.Tech.University PhD Defense
February, Civitavecchia, Italy - SIREN Initiave at Cesiva, Italian Army
February, Genoa, Italy - NATO Meetings NATO SAS-085 C2 Agility and Requisite Maturity  & IST-047 Building Robust Systems with
Fallible Construction, have been hosted in Genoa by Simulation Team and Engineering Faculty of Genoa Univeristy

February, Successful completed 1st PREMITEL

January, Marseille, France - CAPRICORN Meeting in LSIS Marseille
January, CAPRICORN Workshop on CIMIC, PSYOPS and Operational Planning in France with Academia, DGA and Company representative



Happy 2011
Season's Greetings and Happy 2011



November-December 2010, Simulation Team at I/ITSEC, Orlando

November-December 2010, PREMITEL

November 2010, Simulation Team at Harvard Medical School, Boston

November 2010, Celebes by Simulation Team, Project Management Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plant Master

November 4-5 2010, Joint Delegation from Italian MoD and US Army visiting Simulation Team Labs

October 2010, Explosad by Simulation Team, Standards & Regulations Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plant Master
October 2010, Babel by Simulation Team, Construction Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plant Master
October, I3M2010, Fes, Morocco - Intelligent Agents will be presented by Simulation Team (Pictures)
October, Prof.Tuncer Oren presents Software Solutions: Modelling & Simulation in Master on Industrial Plants in Simulation Team Labs


September, Human Behavior Modelling Opening Speech by Prof.Bruzzone at Eurosim 2010 in Prague
September, NATO MSG, Utrech, Invited Speech on IA-CGF for Stabilization and Country Reconstruction
September, SIREN Courses on HLA and M&S



UNITE Project - ‘Upgrading ICT excellence by strengthening cooperation between research Teams in an enlarged Europe’ (EU-FP7 funded coordination action project)


July, Summersim2010, Ottawa Canada - Simulation Team will present LVC Simulation





Prof.Bruzzone in Genoa Confindustria for the opening of the Master in industrial PlantsProf.Bruzzone open the Master in Industrial Plants of Genoa University, organized in Confindustria and sponsored by Major Industries in Construction and Engineering, Power and Steel (i.e. ABB, Ansaldo, Bombardier, Danieli, Duferco, Fagioli, Iride, Paul Wurth, Projenia, PMS, Tenova)

Simulation Team is actively involved in the "Sim & Sea" Workshop, held in La Spezia the 8th June 2010 and organized by MIMOS in joint cooperaiton with MISS DIPTEM, University of Genoa, B&K, Cetena Fincantieri, MMI.

Simulation Team organizes the 28 May 2010 a Tour of the Labs in Savona Campus of Genoa University presenting the last Mobile Training Solution ready for being delivered in South Europe

CAPRICORN Project is fast evolging! 24 May 2010 in Simulation Center of Excellence (COE) Rome, the first CAPRICORN Workshop will be organized by Simulation Team presenting the Advances in M&S for CIMIC and PSYSOP to Scientists and Military Users




Visit of Kukich in Genoa and Savona Labs, October

Visit of Prof.Carroll & Cameron in MISS DIPTEM Genoa
Learning to respond: a crisis management simulation
Encoding liveness: Performance and real-time rendering in Machinima


Visit of Prof.Bossomaier in Simulation Team Labs and Complex System Presentation

May, 2010, Rio de Janeiro and Buzios, Brazil, Latin America - WAMS2010 - Innovation for Virtual Reality Simulation on Facebook


    September, 2009, Tenerife, Spain, Europe - I3M2009 - Modelling Strategic Resource Crisis

    September, 2009, Tenerife, Spain, Europe - MAS2009 - Industrial Production SImulation

    September, 2009, Tenerife, Spain, Europe - HMS2009 - Port Simulation

    September, 2009, Tenerife, Spain, Europe - EMSS2009 - Innovative Human Factor Modelling and Simulation

    June, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey, Europe - SCSC2009 - Advances in Modelling Aerospace Production

    May 25-26, 2009, Bali, Indonesia, Asia - AMS2009 - Advances in Supply Chain Management Modelling and Simulation

    March 22-27, 2009, San Diego, CA, USA - Spring Simulation - Simulation for Intelligence

    December 1-4, 2008, Orlando, FL, USA - I/ITSEC - Meetings on Human Factors and Interforce Interoperability

    November 11-12, 2008, Rome, Italy, Europe - SERIGAMEX - Presentation of New Serious Games for Intelligence: SIBILLA

    November 7, 2008, Milan, Italy, Europe - Italian Logistics Conference - Presentation of Green Logistics Initiative: GreenLog

    October 14-16, 2008, Vienna, Austria, Europe - GESI User Group - Presentation of New Generation Intelligent CGF integrating Human Factors

    September 17-19, 2008, Campora S.G., Italy, Europe - HMS2008 - Presentation of New Generation Flight HLA Simulators

    June 16-19, 2008, Edinburg, Scotland-UK, Europe - Summer Computer Simulation Conference and SIWEurope - Innovative Lean Simulation Solutions for Safety and Security

    June 10-12, 2008, Stockholm , Sweden, Europe - ITEC2008 - Meeting for Integrating Intelligent CGF with C2

    May 13-15, 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , Asia - AMS2008 - Demonstrating Innovative Web Simulation for Tutoring Supply Chain Management

    December 4, 2007, Rome, Italy, Europe - CIMSO/COI - Demonstration of PIOVRA CGF and Federation integrating Virtual and Constructive Simulation to Interforce Operative Command COI/CIMSO, Italian MoD (Ministry of Defence)

    November 26-29, 2007, Orlando, FL, USA - I/ITSEC Conference and Exhibition - Joint Development based on Cocodris Simulators and Augmented Reality presented in NASA Exhibition Area

    November 23, 2007, Barcelona, Spain, Europe - LSCM Project, EC Project - New Models for Supporting European Master in Innovative Logistics

    November 22, 2007, Paris, France, Europe - DGA - Demonstration of PIOVRA CGF and Federation to DGA MoD (Ministry of Defense) France

    November 6-8, 2007, Rome, Italy, Europe - MIMOS Conferences - PIOVRA CGF presented as First and Only Italian Research and Development Project for EDA (European Defense Agency)

    October 29-31 2007 - Monterey, CA, USA - JTLS User Group - XIX European Simulation Symposium Bergeggi - Presentation of Intelligent Computer Generated Forces (CGF) integrated in HLA (High Level Architecture) Federation

    October 4-6 2007 - Bergeggi, Italy, Europe - I3M2007 - XIX European Simulation Symposium - Presentation of Interoperable Simulation for Virtual Prototyping

    June 18-20 2007- Santa Margherita, Italy, Europe - European Simulation Interoperability Workshop - Demonstration of COCODRIS Simulators and Presentation of Advances in Intelligent Agents applied to Military Simulation



Demonstration of IA-CGF on Haiti Scenario at ITEC2010 in Joint Cooperation with USJFCOMSimulation Team demonstrated IA-CGF (Intelligent Agent Computer Generated Forces) together with US JFCOM JNTC ATT at ITEC2010 in London, May 18-20; the Joint Demonstration in US JFCOM boot was related to an Haiti Scenario involving Coalition Force simulation for supporting the Crisis considering both tactical and strategic planning; the demonstration included IA-CGF, JTLS, JCATS, DJ-Guy, VB2, Plexsis; the Simulation Team IA-CGFs focused on reproducing Population and Social Network Behavior; two IA-CGF NCF (Non conventional Frameworks) was reproducing the Earthquake, including impact on Infrastructures and Population as well as the Food Distribution Points, Riots and Gangs.

5-7 May, 2010, Rio de Janeiro and Buzios, Brazil, Latin America - WAMS2010 - Innovation for Virtual Reality Simulation

Simulation Team participate into organizing a Team Building Exercise including live and virtual experience working with a Multidisciplinary Group of Researcher in ODU, Norfolk.



Simulation Team visited USJFCOM presenting RATS and IA-CGF projects in Suffolk, April 2010.

VMASC organized successfully the CAPSTONE Conference with Awards to best Projects; Prof.Agostino Bruzzone and Prof.Tuncer Oren was invited as plenary speakers; during the event it was presented an award to the John Sokolowski, Executive Director of VMASC by Liophant for the exceptional achievements of VMASC in Promoting M&S among Student Community; Federico Tarone and Francesca Madeo achieved the 1st place Award as best "M&S Project in Engineering".

Simulation Team presented new IA-CGF for CIMIC Operational Planning during Difesa2010 in Rome April 8 2010 organized by MIMOS with a blended presentation including Frontal Speech and Skype Connection to Prof.Bruzzone in Suffolk,VA.


Simulation Team starts a Lab Tour in USA presenting SIBILLA (Intelligence and Homeland Security Scenario) and CUMANA (Business Scenario): two Serious Games for being applied in improving Information Sharing and Intercommunication

RADM Fred Lewis (ret) President NTSA, Prof. Agostino Bruzzone, Director MISS DIPTEM, and Italian Participants at I/ITSEC2009 December 3rd, 2009, Orlando FL, USA -  Prof.Agostino G. Bruzzone, Director of MISS DIPTEM, and RADM, Fred L. Lewis (Ret.), President of NTSA and Organizer of I/ITSEC, set up a meeting with Italian Attendees discussing about the strong liason with Italian Simulation Community and I/ITSEC/NTSA as well as about new Initiatives and Joint Opportunities

December 1-4, 2009, Genoa Italy- Simulation Team at I/ITSEC presenting new IA-CGF

November 28, 2009, Genoa Italy- Simulation Team presenting his Virtual Port in "Genoa Port Center" for demonstrating Most Advanced Technologies applied to Port Activities.

Logistico dell'Anno 2009 November, 2009, Milan Italy- Simulation Team winning "Logistico dell'Anno" (Award for Best R&D Project for Logistics in Italy)

November, 2009, Suffolk VA - Simulation Team visiting VMASC

November, 2009, Monterey CA - Simulation Team visiting Operational Research Department and Presenting at SEED Seminar in NPS

November, 2009, Monterey CA - Simulation Team presented IA-CGF to JTLS User Conference

October 20, 2009, Savona, Italy, Europe -





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