Marina Massei completed her thesis in Genoa University, Humanistic Area on File Structures & Data Warehousing.


She had attended Postgraduate Courses in Project Management, Modelling & Simulation, Operational Management, Total Quality Management, Logistics.
She operates with the team of Prof. Mosca and Prof. Bruzzone, DIPTEM University of Genoa as project controller.
She participated in the organization of SIREN Courses, HMS2002/2003/2004 and IEPAL Meetings. 
She is involved in the organization of International Scientific Events (i.e. Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2003-Montreal2004-San Jose'2005-Philadelphia) and in the coordination of Technical Council specialized in Advanced Techniques (i.e. SIMPLEST); she is member of the International Program Committee of major M&S Conferences. 
She served as Chair for Applications in Management, Planning & Forecasting Workshop in 2004, 2005, 2006 SummerSim in San Jose', Philadelphia and Calgary.
She is Associate Director of the MISS Center located in Perugia University
She teaches special seminar on Problem Solving, Project Management, Data Analysis and Team Working for undergraduates and postgraduates in DIPTEM Organized Courses.

She was Finance Control & Administration Director of MAST. She is currently enrolled in DIPTEM University of Genoa as member of the Simulation Team of Prof.Agostino Bruzzone.

Major interests are History, Theatre, Psycology, Literature. 
She enjoies traveling on Fast Planes and/or Off-Road Cars.