He is Responsible of Log.In.Form after having established the Consortium for Training in Integrated Logistics (Consorzio Formazione Logistica Integrata) where he was Director for over 10 years.
He had experiences working in Information Technology as analyst in Data Base design, working in General Electric (GEIS) and Honeywell
He worked as "Lecturer Guide" for affiliates at multinational level in a multilingual environment group involving English, French, Italian and North American educators. He attended to management education programs receiving in 1973 the MGT ONE (Formal first level of education for managers) and in 1975 MGT TWO (the second level managers) participating to special courses in Quality (Orlando, Minneapolis) and 3rd Level Director Program in London.
In 1976 he taken the responsibility for the project "DATA COMMUNICATION training" at Italian national level. In the 1982 he was appointed as Responsible for all the national internal education programms in Bull information systems (employee division) and organisational reviewer for the following roles: sales and system support, design engineers, maintenance engineers and manufacturing specialists. In 1988 he was appointed has Director for SW development in the transportation segment in a company participated by Bull. For this role the problem areas considered were: freight forwarders, custom declaratory, national and international couriers, express couriers, road transports.

In 1989 the previous responsibility was enlarged in the same market segment to an internal marketing Bull Department for projects development in the various areas of the intermodal transportation. Following the previous experiences he was appointed Chief Administrator of a participated Bull company operating in North Italy for EDI services in the transport operators market. Since 1992 he is a FIAT Director working in VTE (Voltri Terminal Europe) as Responsible for Information Technology and organisation development for the company, at that time just started; today the VTE results are 50 million USD revenues and 540 people and VTE is a reference point for the transport industry in Italy. In 1998 he has been appointed as Director General Manager of the Education Consortium CFLI mainly for the development of knowledge on the outside transport market of the logistics know-how. 
He is responsible of SITRANET project.
Currently he is responsible of Innovative Solution R&D in Ports and Logistics for several projects carried out by major Italian Ports and Innovation Companies (i.e. Log.inform)