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Selection Results on MIPET 11th Edition

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    Instructions for accessing MIPET11 on MS Teams

      Please use following Instructions to join MIPET11 Classes on MS Teams for MIPET11 and for Attending Webinars, Lectures and Virtual Experiences:
        1) You can access by laptop, but also by smartphone (e.g. iphone) just using the Browser and without downloading any application

        2) connect to the following link just by a click

        3) You will be required if you want to download the application or continue by the browser... choose continue with the browser if you like

        4) You will be required to create an account... if you have already a Microsoft Account you can use it, otherwise you can create a new one. If you have a Genoa University Access and Email, use it to get full services on MS Teams. By the way, if you are extern to Genoa University (i.e. not enrolled in Genoa University Programs nor Working at Genoa University), it is important that you use the same email used by us for invitation... if you want to connect by another email or microsoft account just send us your other email (

        5) As soon as you create the account, click again on the link and access the group. Normally it goes automatically there and you will see some post on MIPET11 & its Tradition and channels Generale or MIPET11...

        6) otherwise you can search (in the text box for searches on the top of screen) group


        therefore this could not work if you are seen as a guest (not Genoa University member)... or click on left side of the screen on Teams (3rd from top after actions and chat) and select it

        7) if a webinar is on going the Generale or MIPET11 channels (click under MIPET icon) of "MIPET11 & its Tradition", you will see in the main part of the screen an icon of a video camera and you can click to join

        8) If you join, you can do just by audio, that is fine, and you can activate and deactive audio e video just by clicking anywere on screen and selecting it on the floating small bar

        9) you can click on chat and write messages to the chair and/or teacher and all other attendees to let them to get your presence in the system when I connect and get you

        10) as soon as you are inside Microsoft Teams check if all works fine

        11) during a meeting, please keep the microphone off if you are not speaking to reduce background noise

        12) during a meeting, please keep the video camera off if you are not speaking to reduce saturation of the bandwidth, by the way don't worry if you miss a camera, even if we will miss your face ;)

        13) if you want to pose a question, write on the chat the request

        14) You can share files on the chat or look for them in FILES in Teams, please note that lectures are usually available to students in aula Web

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      We prepare MIPET students to be Excellent and Professional Engineers. In facts, Punctuality is a very important aspect among these characteristics and you should learn to be always right on time.

      So MIPET Students should be present at Lectures, lives or on MS Teams, 5 minutes before the beginning of each event and never arrive late; we don't consider acceptable contingencies and problems, because you are expected to plan all in advance to arrive in time (e.g. if there is a risk that connection requires time to setup, you simply connect earlier to setup all in time... if there is a risk that your train arrive late, just take the train that arrive earlier)

      The first hour of each Lecture is expected to begin, unless otherwise indicated, after 15 minutes from the fixed time (we call it: the "Academic Quarter"); this allows everyone to fine-tune the connection and our tutors to check and register the names of the attendees. The "Academic Quarter" don't justify MIPET Student to arrive 15 late; also in this case it still required that you, as student, will be in the Virtual or Live Room, 5 minutes before the official starting time and that you login on time on each session

      We invite you to always be punctual and professional, because we will make systematic checks on these aspects and we will use to evaluate you respect needs of our Industrial Partners.

      If you expect troubles attending a lesson or connecting in time on a specific date, please write a public note in the "MS Teams MIPET group chat" being sure to include your name (fully writtent in terms of first and family name), code (original ranking number), the day you expect problems and the motivation (no more than 10 words); we will evaluate your request in order to see if it is acceptable as justication for a delay.

      Any delay or missed lesson will be considered as an infringement and we will take actions on that, including adding a negative modifier to your score for determining your position in the MIPET ranking and adding a note on your records for Companies.

      If the infractions are repeated often and/or the absences exceed 30% of the lessons, we expect to adopt pretty severe measures, going up to the expulsion of the student from MIPET without refunding the tutition fee.

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MIPET Faculty

    MIPET11 Contributors

    1 Elisabetta Arato Università di Genova
    2 Agostino G. Bruzzone Università di Genova
    3 Federico Delfino Università di Genova
    4 Mario Luigi Ferrari Università di Genova
    5 Piero Giribone Università di Genova
    6 Enrico Lertora Università di Genova
    7 Ombretta Paladino Università di Genova
    8 Paolo Silvestri Università di Genova
    9 Luca Tagliafico Università di Genova
    10 Angela C. Taramasso Università di Genova
    11 Flavio Tonelli Università di Genova
    12 Maurizio Barabino ABB
    13 Davide Bergonzini ABB
    14 Alessandro Leto Bongiovì ABB
    15 Lorenzo Carini ABB
    16 Srini Ramaswamy ABB OH
    17 M. Astesiano Danieli
    18 Andrea Biliotti Danieli
    19 Annibale Bucci Danieli
    20 R. Paolone Danieli
    21 Simone Sartini Danieli
    22 Giorgio Toso Danieli
    23 Riccardo Calcagno Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    24 Giovanni De Marchi Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    25 Carlo Morelli Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    26 Marco Tabellaro Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    27 Carlo Timossi Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    28 Barbara Visigalli Paul Wurth Italia s.p.a.
    29 Abdelaziz Khlaifat Abu Dhabi Politechnic
    30 Raid Al Aomar Abu Dhabi University
    31 Giacomo Rossi ANIMP
    32 Tomaso Vairo ARPAL
    33 Lin Zhang Beihang University, China
    34 Pasquale Acampora Black Ship
    35 Mehmet Camjurdan Bogazici University
    36 Gerson Anderson Botswana University
    37 Simone Zanoni Brescia University
    38 Roberto Orvieto CNI
    39 Claus Kaldeich Consultant
    40 Antonello Di Donato CSM - ROMA
    41 Armando Giannetti CSM - ROMA
    42 Terry Bossomaier CSU Australia
    43 Silvia Rapallo Egon Zehnder
    44 Edgardo Roldan Electrical Research Institute Mexico
    45 Janoss Janosy Energy Department Hungary
    46 K. Mekoua ESISA, Marocco
    47 Ferruccio Cerruti Etea
    48 Luca Dell'Anna Ext. Consultant
    49 Antonio Martella Ext. Consultant
    50 Milani Ext. Consultant
    51 Giorgio Peluffo Ext. Consultant
    52 Dellapenna Fisia Italimpianti
    53 Garzoglio Fisia Italimpianti
    54 Ghiazza Fisia Italimpianti
    55 Meinardi Fisia Italimpianti
    56 Ricardo Fisia Italimpianti
    57 Costa Former Director Silla AEM
    58 Priscilla Elfrey former NASA Manager and Vice Dean at Yale
    59 Micaela Caserzamagro Formerly University of Genoa
    60 Aleramo Lucifredi Formerly University of Genoa
    61 Dimitri Mavris Georgia Tech, USA
    62 Valentina Barcucci ILO
    63 Gregory Zacharewicz IMT – Mines Ales
    64 Luciano Di Donato Inail
    65 Marco De Marco Ist.Ital.Saldat.
    66 Lelio Gavazzaù Lelio Gavazza
    67 Enrico Antonino NATO HQs
    68 Franchini Ordine Ingegneri
    69 Felice Lombardo Ordine Ingegneri
    70 Francesco Faccio PM Leader, Formerly COMAU
    71 Matteo Agresta Simulation Team
    72 Kirill Sinelshchikov Simulation Team
    73 M. Massei Simulation Team, Genoa University
    74 Benedetto Fassone Sintecnica
    75 Giorgio Minestrini Stara Glass
    76 Enrico Delle Pianeù Tenova
    77 Massimiliano Fantuzzi Tenova
    78 Fabio Leonardi Tenova
    79 Laura Lippi Tenova
    80 Enrico Malfa Tenova
    81 Stefano Martini Tenova
    82 Roberto Mori Tenova
    83 Massimo Romairone Thales
    84 Miquel Angel Piera UAB - Spain
    85 Idalia Flores UNAM
    86 Francesco Longo UNICAL
    87 Edward Williams Univ.of Michigan Dearnborn, Unige
    88 Gerson Cunha University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    89 Ali El Kamel University of Waterloo
    90 Alessandro Leto Leto Water Academy

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