Business and Industrial Processes are characterized usually by high number of element and strongly inter-related activities, so it is evident that in this context Modelling and Simulation represent the major methodology to achieve results.
In this area the Simulation Team has very long experience working on several aspects:

-Business Process Re-Engineering
-Company Reorganization
-CRM Design
-Human Resource Management
-KPIs and Cockpits
-Merging and Acquisition
-ERP  Solution Analysis and Installation Project Management
-PDM Development and Analysis
-New Processes / Organization Ramp-Up Control
-Requriements Definition for new Technologies/Policies
-Support to New Solution Implementation and
-Strategic Analysis

In this area Simulation Team developed Solutions such as:

  • EPEO (Commercial and Purchaising Officer Redesign for a big agglomerated in Retail Business )
  • EFESTO (Administrative Processes Redesign for a Large Retailer)
  • COMADREJA (Process and Organization Re-Engineering due to Merging and Acquistion in Logistics Services)
  • TEZNAME (BPR in Health Care)