One Year Interviews in One Day

Companies meet with Young Engineers & Engineering Students

One Year of Interviews in One Single Day: Workshop Agenda

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  • March 30, 2020, 10:00 am - 5:45pm
    Nuova Sede Web
  • 10:10 Welcome Genoa University, Professional Engineering Association & Confindustria
  • 10:20 Company Presentations on Web, Networking at Company Desks & Campus Interviews

    • 10.20-10.25 ABB (MIPET Sponsor)
      10.25-10.30 Danieli (MIPET Sponsor)
      10.30-10.35 Paul Wurth (MIPET Sponsor)
      10.35-10.40 Accenture (STRATEGOS Patron)
      10.40-10.45 Axpo (STRATEGOS Patron)
      10.45-10.50 Bearing Point (STRATEGOS Patron)
      10.50-10.55 Rulex (STRATEGOS Patron)
      10.55-11.00 SIM4Future (STRATEGOS Patron)
      11.00-11.05 Horsa Group (STRATEGOS Patron)
      11.05-11.08 Alten
      11.08-11.12 ASG Superconductors
      11.12-11.15 BCUBE
      11.15-11.18 BE Solutions
      11.18-11.21 Rina
      11.21-11.24 SPXLab
      11.24-11.30 Summarizing

  • 12:00 Break
  • 13:00 Meeting with Companies & Campus Interviews over the Web
  • 17:45 Closing

  • Past Meeting Report and Pictures Genoa University Young Graduates in Industrial Plants The first editions of these meeting were focused on Industrial Plant Business Sector therefore the new ones involve Companies of different areas; for instance in March 2014 over 20 Companies and 3 International Organization attended the event, while over 120 Curricula was presented by students and Young Engineers and over 600 campus interviews were completed with Leading Companies active at International and National Level; these Companies resulted very interested in evaluating Young Engineers (i.e. Genova, Meeting Summary & Images, February 2012, June 2012, March and October 2013, March 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, November 2015, Spring 2016, December 2016, April MMXVII, March 2018 and December 2018). The Customer Satisfaction Level of Companies and Institution is summarized in the following report March 2014. Pictures of April 2015 edition are summarized in this gallery.

    MIPET Companies & 1 Year 1 Day