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Simulation Team: Wide Range of Innovative Products and Services

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The Simulation Team provides a wide range of Innovative Products and Services for markets including aerospace, communications, construction, defense, electronics, engineering, health care, logistics, nutrition, petrochemical, power, retail, safety and security, shipping & transportation.

The Simulation Team puts Modeling and Simulation to work by creating Outstanding Solutions Essential to a Better, Safer, Healthier and Wealthier Life operating worldwide; overview from Simulation Team partners are available for downloading



Simulation Team: an Excellence Network in Modeling and Simulation

Simulation Team Project OverviewThe Simulation Team was established in early third millenium for Leading a Pool of HiTech Institutions active in Modelling & Simulation.
 The Simulation Team represents an Excellence Network involving top quality international institutions and Simulation Team members are able to guarantee an unique capability to develop multidisciplinary models for complex systems.
Simulation Team is active in involved in the organization of several among the Major World Conferences in M&S such as I3M.


Our structure is our strength!

The Simulation Team benefits from its structure, being able to support projects and initiative anywhere worldwide by direct involvement of high qualified representative based on local reference member and with the strong combined skills provided by the whole network.

The Simulation Team is devoted to drive Innovation to Success in a wide spectrum of Application for different Business Sectors, Companies, Corporations, Agencies, Societies and Governmental Services (see Simulation Team bylaw). Professionals and Institutions by becoming members of Simulation Team adopt the SimEthics. C.F.92097770090